Sinalética de Piso com Reservatório de Agua – A-Board

Sinalética de Piso com Reservatório de Agua – A-Board

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Adequado para reservar áreas de estacionamento, campos de jogos, e eventuais chamadas de atenção... etc Área de impressão: 325 mm (L) x 570 m (A) Altura Total: 754,5 mm RAL 9006

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Stable, heavy and endurable pavement sign. Suitable to set aside in parking areas, play grounds, shop entrances and busy pavement roads; especially for windy areas. Standard in metallic RAL 9006 color.  By opening the plastic stoppers, you can pour in either water or sand to make the stand heavier.

• The product is packed unassembled. Each base is supplied with industrial salt to prevent freezing in winter conditions. Printing area has a /- 1,5mm tolerance in size.
• No tool assembly.
• Heavy base provides stability. Suitable for outdoor conditions. Stickers are not included in the original box.

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Peso 3.30 kg
Dimensões (C x L x A) 420 × 720 × 125 cm



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