Expositor Basic Tower 460 Cinza Dupla-Face

Expositor Basic Tower 460 Cinza Dupla-Face

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Double Sided Brochure Stand is suitable for indoor environment. One straight module provides double side option. Only difference from Double sided Tower Stand is that; when a brochure holder is used on one side, it is not possible to hang another one on the opposite side to same holes. Holes on the stand allows personalization of brochure placement and size according to needs. A4-A5-A6-A1/3A4 brochure holders are available. Quite stable with both its heavy base and design. Smooth lower part of brochure stand allows for branding.  Ideal for use at reception areas, educational institutions, travel agencies, hotels, offices, marketing events.

• Product is packed unassembled with an easy to understand instruction for assembly.
• Make your own stand design with desired variation of brochure holder placement and size.
• Brochure holders should be ordered separately.

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